Please take a look at this video to learn about the whole concept of Open Social.  The concept has been around for quite a while but there has been no real driving force, until now, to make it a reality.  A group of power users of Linkedin finally got fed up with the direction of Linkedin and decided to go off on our own and create an alternative Open, Confederated Social Network (CSN).  LabLynx, Inc. is performing the development work and hosting it under one of our domains:  OpenSocial.me

We have a slack team that is open to the public to join and participate in the future direction of OpenSocial:  https://opensocialcsn.slack.com

OpenSocial.me is the NextGen social network

Are you tired of monolithic, proprietary social networks like Facebook and Linkedin?  There is finally a new choice that is Open, not controlled by any single company and is made up of literally millions of community sites across the globe.  Independent, existing communities unified as one powerful social networking platform…  OpenSocial.me

Please be patient as this site and service is currently under development.  When it is ready all of this site will be done and this message will change to say it is Launched.